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WeAreGold - Nedim Nazerali - NART2019LR2.jpg

Nedim Nazerali is a British portrait photographer and visual artist based in London. He obtained his photography degree from London College of Fashion in 2008 and has since worked with some of the biggest names in the fashion and music industry, producing advertising and commercial work. In 2015, Nedim began incorporating body paint into his photography to convey powerful narratives and emotions in his work for musicians and their audiences. He has used this art form in music videos, live immersive performances, and album artworks that have been displayed on billboards and street murals across the UK and featured in publications such as The Herald Luxury Magazine.

Currently, Nedim is exhibiting and selling limited pieces from his collaborative and personal works, which include lightbox installations, print editions, and NFT collectables. His body paint series 'WeAreGold' is an ongoing project that explores our connection to the universe, with gold being a precious metal that was formed by two neutron stars colliding and exploding into a supernova. Nedim hopes to provoke thoughts and conversations about how everything is connected by matter and energy and how this influences our everyday lives.

In addition, Nedim's ongoing series 'NartRocks' showcases his 25-year collection of crystals, gemstones, fossils, and other specimens, which are aged hundreds of millions of years in formation. He pays homage to the beauty and power of the Earth through this series, which is influenced by his practice as a Crystal Energy Healer. Nedim's photographs are printed on high-quality Duratrans and installed inside LED Lightbox Frames, creating a heightened sense of spatial energy and immersive experience that he refers to as 'Light Art'.


2007 - 'Follow The Light' ID Magazine Safe + Sound, LCF, London, UK.

2008 - 'The Lost Parade' The Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK.

2008 - 'The Lost Parade' The Print Space, London UK.

2017 - 'WeAreGold' Omeara, London, UK.

2017 - 'WeAreGold' X LEONN, Pow Brixton, London, UK.

2018 - 'WeAreGold' X LEONN, The Hermitage, London, UK

2018 - 'WeAreGold' X LEONN, Cove17, London, UK.

2018 - Wrenne - 'I Said Yes To Everything', Multi Media Show, Edinburgh Fringe, UK.

2019 - Wrenne - 'I Said Yes To Everything', Multi Media Show, Spot Fest, Denmark.



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