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'Higher' was created in collaboration with Utah born musician WRENNE who left her Mormon upbringing 20 years ago to follow her musical dreams in the UK. leading to her debut album release 'I Said Yes To Everything', Ned produced WRENNE's artwork and directed film for her multimedia show. 

Inspired by WRENNE's narrative about the struggle between her two selves, which lead her on an exciting journey, Ned wanted to find the true soul of WRENNE, which was armoured by her striking features. Shaved platinum hair, strong bone structure and a long-limbed athletic body could have only been formed in the rough landscapes of Utah to prepare her for the world.


WRENNE's voice created a halo of pureness with travelling words of truth and storytelling, immersed with an otherworldly electric pop sound somewhere in between Bjork and Pink... but then put her in a rocket and take her to another lifetime. That's WRENNE.


Referring to her as Alien WRENNE because she had to be from a different planet according to Ned, taking her portraits was just not enough. He wanted to go deeper to reveal all of her elements in one image whilst making a connection to her true nature. Ned body painted WRENNE like a fresh canvas and transformed her into an all connected, limitless being which would find her in the stillness and strength of her Higher Self.

This image was used for her album artwork, campaign for her European tour and the front cover of The Luxury Edinburgh Magazine.


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