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"Gold is created inside Neutron Stars when they collide and explode into a SUPERNOVA'. This precious metal was formed in space and then it travelled in meteorites to Earth at the early stages of life". 


The existence of such a cosmic event means that everyone on Earth has a little bit of Gold in them. Perhaps this is why Gold has had such an alluring effect on mankind for thousands of years. The Egyptians believed gold to be the flesh of the Sun God Ra and the Incas believed it was the sweat of the sun. Until this day it's representation around the world has been associated with positive aspects of life such as love, success, achievements and higher ideals such as wisdom, understanding and knowledge.

Nedim's fascination with the formation of Gold and what it reveals about the beginnings of life inspired him to produce a collection of NARTworks called 'WeAreGold'. By combining Body Paint and Photography, Ned paints his subjects like a fresh canvas with Earthy Gold textures and detailed Cosmic Landscapes, then photographs empowering poses and abstract body parts                                                   referencing the powerful connection that we have with Earth and the Universe.


Nedim teleports us into another dimension and creates 'Extra-Terrestrial' (EXT) Editioned works from his series 'WeAreGold'. These are available in a limited number of 3 lightboxes each.



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